Im a Somebody..

Powerful title? What sits behind it? Quite simply… Me.

Have you ever asked a child when they were younger, what they wanted to be. They would have shrugged their shoulders and shook their head! Me? All I have ever wanted to do was work in an office – doing what? I don’t know? All I did know was I wanted to make a difference in what I did in my career.

How my Bromford journey began?

I was on benefits for 4 years – id left my job through logical thinking – I needed to provide for my child and I wasn’t entitled to maternity leave – so I signed up to full benefits – the thought makes me shudder to how I ‘depended’ on another, other than myself to provide for my family is almost painful. But I did it and before I knew it – four years had passed – I was climbing the walls and eager to work but nowhere would hire me? Why? What’s wrong with me? I’ve worked? I’ve only been out of work because I ‘needed’ too. Just someone give me a break, please! I felt demoralised, worthless and most of all I wanted to break the mould – I felt like a no body.

One day, fingering through the usual junk/spam post, id received a letter from Bromford Group – opening it curiously – a chance to gain Work Experience for 6 months – Fab, what have I got to lose, I thought and I applied – not competitive or anything but I applied for all the roles, every single one!

I was shortlisted and then I was interviewed by Sue Murray – Director of Housing and before I knew it…

3rd January 2013 – I start at Bromford Group as an Opportunities 4 Employment – I hear you sigh – you’ve heard the rumours about work placements and your thinking I’m a dog’s body – over worked and under paid – Far from it! Hear it straight from the horses mouth – I enjoy every single aspect of what I do and I love how much I have come along, from where I started 18 months ago – I had very little substantial working knowledge or experience – but what I did have was a passion to be better.

So I started working alongside Ruth Grosvenor the PA to the Director of Housing (Fab mentor if ever their were one) and I do have to admit in the first 6 months, everything is pretty much a blur – it was a career whirlwind – that scooped me up and spat me back out a different person!

Here I am today with a shiny title of ‘Assistant PA to the Head of Customer Service’ – Who would have thought it? Little old I from a string of career less jobs in Ann Summers, Greggs and Pub chains, working in a role id only ever would have dreamed about.

So here I am – I’ve found myself – I’ve me – I’m a somebody!

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